Let’s face it, dating can be a seriously daunting prospect at any age – the awkward silences, the not knowing if they’re interested or worse, you’re not interested. We get dressed up, put on our best frock (or shirt) and smile, and at the end of the day, it’s all worth it! The good news is that dating does become easier with age, here’s a few reasons why we think so.
Taking it Online
Great news! It’s never been easier to find a date. With online dating really taking off in the last few years, so many people are using it that you’re more likely to find someone you ACTUALLY like.
You’re Confident
Years have made you wiser, and you’re comfortable in your own skin. You’re both so much more likely to not take things too seriously and have as much fun as possible when you have all that confidence!
You’re Done Settling
There’s a reason you went through all that awful dating in your 20’s and had relationships that almost put you off the opposite sex entirely. You know who you are now, what you want and you’re not afraid to put yourself first!
One for the ladies
Ok, things might not be as ‘tight’ as they once were but it’s a known fact that men get more devilishly handsome with age, so take note ladies – go out and bag yourself the man of your dreams, because he’s out there!
Better Sex!
Results of a UK study, which took responses from 6,000 people, found that a third of over 50s are having their most adventurous, and best, sex yet! Another survey found that nearly 80% of men and women were more satisfied with their sex lives over 60 years of age, that in their younger years. Do you need any more reasons to get out there?
Things to Remember
No matter what age we are we it’s still important to keep safety in mind, so here are a few safety tips to remember. When planning your first date always meet in a public, lit up place where there are plenty of people around and never give out your home address until you know the person a little better.


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