Hi my name is Trish and I am passionate a out helping people to live their best lives through my work as a holistic therapist and healthy lifestyle advocate. I am a Holistic and Massage therapist, Fit Woman, Free Spirit, Healer, Teacher, Lover of Food and Adventure. I hope that by sharing my story I can inspire you in some small way.
Let me start by saying that I believe in ENERGY not age.
Two years ago at the tender age of 56 I qualified for the TV show Ninja Warrior UK. Who would have thought that a former secondary school science teacher would have been brave enough to even apply let alone qualify?
Giving ourselves limits because of our age holds back many of us – myself included.
I entered my 50s as a single parent in a job that was no longer nurturing my soul and I knew that I had to make some changes. The biggest factor was to reduce stress. I deserved better – we all do, so I walked away from my job and career of nearly 30 years one September morning and never returned. I joined a gym and threw myself into improving my health and so improving myself. Training became my antidepressant and I quickly lost 11kg gaining a fit, strong healthy body which I still have today 5 years later.
You may remember that I was jobless and a single parent so what could I do?
I decided to train as a holistic therapist and start my own business. As I felt happier and healthier, good things started to happen and I was offered a job at my gym running a nutritional shake bar. My scientific knowledge and my creative side had free rein, unlike my former job.
I was brave and made a big change which has changed my life for the better. In my fifties I am stronger both physically and mentally and have lots, more energy. Getting older is an opportunity to enjoy and live your life so welcome it with love.

Guest blog by Patricia Davis who lives in Felpham, West Sussex England with her 2 children, 3 rescue cats and 3 budgerigars.


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