Eat Your Flowers

Recent weather nightmares and continued lockdowns remind us that having enough food in the house to hold out for a few days is one of those important basics that we tend to take for granted…until we can’t.

How many meals can you make with a dented can of kidney beans and some back-of-the-fridge marinara sauce?

But there is no need to despair if you happen to have a garden- or a neighbours garden- nearby.

Here are 9 edible flowers that you can add to a nice salad, impress your friends with or chow down on when things get desperate.

Zucchini Flowers

Zucchini or Courgette flowers. Dipped in a light batter and deep fried, these floppy, but fancy, looking flowers have been the darlings of the foodie set for a little while now due to their fabulosity when stuffed and placed in oil.

However, you can do more with this garden beauty than fry the life out it.

Click here to discover 21 fantastic recipes to spark your imagination!


Did you know that orchids are edible? Vanilla pods are the seeds of orchids, but the flower itself is also perfectly safe for human consumption.

In fact, anyone who has ever had a froo-froo drink or nice meal in a Thai restaurant knows they always appear as a decoration, but is that ok? Yes, and you can nibble away without concern. The law in most countries is, if it is served on a plate, it needs to not kill the patrons.

You can add sliced orchids to salads for a splash of colour and drama, or add them to scrambled eggs, if it floats your boat. In all honesty, they don’t taste of much, and in terms of nutrition, they won’t change your life, but they look cool and you will amaze your friends as being food fashion forward.

Sage Flowers

Have you ever eaten sage flowers?

We are all familiar with the herb sage as a great flavour accompaniment to French cooking, or anything meaty, but did you know that the charming purple flowers of the sage plant are also a useful in the kitchen?

Made into a pesto, added to salads and soups, turned into tea or jelly, these little gems also provide some medicinal value. Sage flowers have long been used to treat sore throats and mouth ulcers. They taste a bit like sage itself, but have a slightly savoury sweetness to them.

Definitely something to try as a way to broaden your culinary palate.

Here are some other uses for sage flowers in the link below.


What about munching on some calendula?

Not to be mistaken for it’s equally edible Marigold cousin, calendula is a very popular flower in the beauty business due to its skin soothing and anti-bacterial qualities.

You will find calendula in balms, tinctures and moisturisers.

It is also a spectacular addition to salads, scrambled eggs, soups and anything that takes your fancy.

The green base of the flower is quite ‘green and herbal’ tasting, but the petals themselves have a mild and pleasant taste.

You can make a fabulous calming tea with a teaspoon of lavender and 2 teaspoons of calendula in the evening, or anytime.

Here is a great salad that will delight anyone interested in trying something easy but special.


Moving on, we have a bunch- pardon the pun- of more commonly known flowers for you to try. You could even, if you wanted to be SUPER fancy or you were super in need, make a salad entirely out of edible flowers!

Violets and lavender are edible.

So are roses and nasturtiums.


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Eat Your Flowers

Recent weather nightmares and continued lockdowns remind us that having enough food in the house to hold out for a few days is one of those important basics that …