These days, you only need to retire if you really want to. So, do you really want to? Or would you like a job you could do from a sun lounge for a couple of hours a day that kept you mind active and your hand in. So to speak.
Here are three jobs that anyone with experience, the internet and half a brain can do. Sounds perfect.
Online Teaching
These days, teaching a subject does not require a classroom and a board. It doesn’t even require shoes. But you should wear pants. It’s polite. Whether you are particularly skilled at English Grammar, or you understand physics, or you know a thing or two about Math or even sales techniques, then you have a skill that is much in demand. In order to teach or tutor online, you usually don’t require a teaching degree. Of course, it depends on the subject, but if you are a retired engineer or you worked in sales all your life, you are already on your way. Teaching English online is HUGE business now. Often a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate is required, but these can also be done online at a reasonable cost. Find out more about becoming a sunbed based teacher at or The average amount you can earn is between $14 USD and $30 USD an hour depending on certain factors, and usually you will be paid via PayPal at the end of the month.
Getting someone a job seems like something someone else does, right? Wrong. You can do it too. These days an enormous amount of recruitment happens online. Jobs get advertised, matched, interviewed for and offered all over the internet. If you are good at understanding what a company needs, and how to match people with jobs, you can become a recruitment agent. Given that you may have worked in a particular area for a number of years means that you also have a great insight into an industry. Voila, you may see yourself as long in the tooth, whereas you are actually an expert in a field. Nothing beats experience. So, if you have a CV that shows years of dedication, you also have a CV that shows that you know what you are talking about. Online Recruitment Agencies are in desperate need of your skills. Contact or as a place to start. That you will find your online headhunting job online with a headhunting company is just one of those delicious ironies modern life affords. Here you can earn a set amount, like $ 30-50 K USD a year, or up to $4,500 USD for a successful placement. Each company offers different rewards, but if you are flexible with your time and you aren’t relying on the money every month, you can make some very handy pocket money.
Search Engine evaluator
There is a job out there that requires little else than getting online and looking things up. Just like you’ve been doing on your own time for hours, only now you are going to be paid for doing it. As you may know, algorithms produce the answers to questions you ask your search engine. When you ask Siri or mighty Google how to make your own bees wax candles, for example, computers take those words and in a fraction of a fraction of a second, bring you back hundreds of websites to look at. But, and here is the reason the robots haven’t won….yet….people then use that information. What if the search is out? Or you find yourself at a website offering sexy-times with bees wax, which may be useful but not something you were planning on looking up while at work. Search engines are only good if the people using them are happy with the results, and sometimes something goes wrong. Also, some people pay good money to have their website come up first. If it doesn’t, they will not pay again. Someone needs to check on all that, and that person can be you. If you are bilingual or more, even better. 80 percent of the internet is in English, but not all of it is, and your second or third language is now a marketable commodity, while you sit on your sunbed and sip Pina-coladas. The job requires you to give feedback to the search engine companies, so a good level of written communication is a must, plus you will need to analyze what you have seen and pass critical but honest judgement on the service, but if you love looking things up and you are good with telling it like it is, this is a great job for someone who likes to spy on stuff for a living, without leaving the comfort of your deck chair. Major employers are or or . The amount you can expect to earn depends on a few factors, but it’s usually between $13 and 20 USD per hour, and the work is casual, so it’s perfect for people with flexibility.
If you are not ready to settle down into oblivion just yet, but you’re also not keen to crawl back into the hamster wheel, then any of these online jobs would be perfect for you. Nothing at all beats hands on experience, and at your age, even if you don’t have hair or a bust that faces the sun, you’ve got what it takes to make some extra money. Even if you don’t want to wear pants 😉


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