We are already in December, so pretending that you have time to take up an exercise program that’s going to help you shed 20 pounds before Christmas is not a thing anymore unless you plan to cut off one of your legs. Instead, let’s look at 12 super easy things you CAN do next year so that we won’t have to have this conversation again at the same time next December.
January 2017
This month you have one thing you need to do within the 31 days. Take a look at your underwear drawer and be honest. Have those smalls seen better days? Does that elastic want to let it go, but you just can’t let it go? OK, let it go. Throw away 3 things in that collection and replace them. Today. The Chinese believe you should always have new Grundies to see in the Chinese New Year or bad luck will follow you around like…a bad smell… why test the fates ? Done that? Ta da!!! The year is off to a great start.
February 2017
This is a short month, you will need to work quickly. This month you need to eat one new thing. That’s it. Just try a new dish from the local take-away, or buy a weird fruit that you’ve seen and never tried. Be brave. This is the year of being pro-active. You only have four weeks. Do it today.
March 2017
Another 31 days in this month, we have a bit of breathing space. March is the month of spring or autumn depending on your hemisphere. These are transition months. Time for some more change. This time you need to talk to a hair stylist about your head. If you are a baldy, there might be limitations on this one, but even if you only have 6 hairs on your head, it’s time to re asses. Does the way you’ve had your mop for years still do you justice? Is it item for a new colour? Is it time for a de-shagging? Are you a bloke with a grey, thin pony tail? Do you need to be? Are you a lady rocking the hairstyle you’ve had since high school? How can we put this politely….no. Just no. Change your hair this month. If you hate it, you have months until Christmas to change it back.
April 2017
April Fools Month. This one is easy. The challenge this month is to learn 4 new jokes and to try and remember at least 1 of them until next month. Imagine how your friends will laugh, you will be the life and soul of the party!!! April is the month you become a full on comedic star!!
May 2017
Now is the month to think about your shoes. When was the last time you wore those heels that hurt like buggery? Or those silly pointy toe things that you loved in the 80’s? Well….let’s be real shall we? Someone else needs them. Like the dress-up department at your local drama society, or perhaps a homeless person with a sense of style. Come on, empty that ‘I love them but I never wear them’ part of your closet and feel the freedom of less wash over you. One pair of shoes. Just one. You can do this and you are already nearly half way through your ‘List of achievements 2017’ !!
June 2017
HALF WAY!!! You are doing so well!!!! Your hair is better, your underpants are fresher, your wardrobe is emptier, your jokes are better and your diet is more varied. You are on a roll. Don’t stop now. It’s time to look at your bank balance. Are you spending more than you are getting in? OK, this month is a toughie but I believe in you. All June, every day, I want you to put the equivalent of 1 USD (in your currency) in a jar marked ‘Slush Fund’. Just one dollar. If that is impossible, aim for 50cents, but no more than a dollar. That’s all you have to do until……
July 2017
The new financial year, and the start of the downhill run for 2017. We are going to start this right. Remember the 30 USD (in your currency) that you have collected? Guess what. Time to do something useful. This month I want you to take that money and walk it to a local shop that has one of those plastic boxes that raises money for all sorts of things. The RSPCA, or World Vision, or fighting breast cancer, and I want you to put it in that box and walk away. That’s all. That 30 USD is now shifting from one place to another, the way money does, and it might even make a big difference, and that’s all you. You did that. Well done!!!
August 2017
Another challenging month ahead, so it’s time to speak to a stranger. Nothing major, just “Hi” to the bus driver, or “Have a good day” to the guy who works at the garage, or “That’s a nice garden” to the lady in your neighborhood you’ve always seen but never spoken to. You don’t have to become buddies, just make contact. Just a few words. Just once this month. You can do this. You are doing it all this year.
September 2017
Where is the year going? Have you thought about listening to a song in a foreign language? Here’s a fun one. This month’s challenge is to type in ‘Top song in…..’ and you pick the country, then sit there and listen to it. Any good? Maybe not, but later this month when someone asks you what you’ve been up to you can say- with honesty- that you’ve been checking out the charts in other countries, just so that you are keeping up to date with World music…..ooooooow. Look at you now, so artsy and global!!! Nice job!!!
October 2017
Only 3 months until 2017, time to ramp it up with a bit more personal development. You know that weird grain that they sell in the vegan section of your local supermarket? Time to buy a packet and cook it up like it says on the box. If you’re not sure, look it up on you tube. Someone will know. Grains are great for our body and, unless you discover you are allergic to it, you might just discover sometime cool to use when guests pop around. Plus, provided you haven’t gone for something crazy like grains from Mar’s hand-picked by virgins from Bogota, it’s only going to cost you a few pounds….and if you really hate it, you can give it to the birds in the park. They’re not fussy.
November 2017
ARGH, only a few weeks until it’s ‘That time of year again’, but fear not!! This year has been a list of successes. November is a good time to stock up for the oncoming holidays, so this month, include one extra nonperishable item in your groceries every time you shop. It might be anti-perspirant, or shampoo. Or it might be a tin of something, or a box of juice, but every time you head off to the shops, add one thing in the basket that you can use later. Don’t wait until next month to do this. It’s November’s task, so do it in November.
December 2017
So here we are again. December 2017 and what have you done this year? LOADS!!! You’ve broadened your mind, your diet, your circle of acquaintances. You’ve saved money and donated to charity, you’ve de cluttered and updated your appearance, you’ve entertained people and taken care of yourself. You’ve achieved everything on the list, and probably a whole lot more. Do you still have those things you bought in November? Great. Have a look at them. It might be a few items, it might be a couple. They are nonperishable right? OK, today you need to give half of them away. There is a refuge somewhere near your house for people who have suffered with domestic violence, or people who have mental illnesses, or kids whose parents have drug addictions, or who are unable to take care of themselves. There are old people whose families have forgotten them, or who have themselves forgotten who they used to be. They might like some new shampoo, or a tin of something, or some nice juice. If you give it to them, they will really appreciate it, and you’ll feel great too. You won’t feel like you didn’t do all the things you planned to do in 2017. You’ll feel like you did something nice for someone else. You’ll feel amazing and you will have had an amazing year.
Print this list out. Mark these things off every month. I promise it will make next year the best year ever.


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