These days it seems a lot of the planet is built for couples, but just when you thought you were paired for life, here are 10 signs you might be better off single.

1. The sound of your partners voice makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

2. You imagine yourself speed dating and explaining to people that you meet that your partner recently died.

3. The thought of celebrating your 80th with your partner brings you out in hives.

4. You find yourself dreaming about living in a shack in a remote village with only serpents and goats for company.

5. You only read books and magazines with the word ‘Lone’ in the title.

6. When you hear of someone losing a life partner to cancer or a tragic drowning, you mutter “lucky little shit”.

7. When you look around your eye is constantly drawn to the word ‘single’, as in SINGLE scoop ice cream, SINGLE sheets, SINGLE player game, SINGLE dose of medicine.

8. When you hear your partner declare that they are showing signs of age, you mentally think “No kidding”.

9. You are aware of just how many divorce lawyers there seem to be in town.

10. You wonder if the outcome of the film ‘War of the Roses’ was all that bad.



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