In terms of kitchen technology these days there are a thousand and one gadgets and gizmos that can make your life easier, cooler and just more cheffy-ish, which is a new word made up by My Grey Nomads.

Imagine an espresso machine that cleans your house, makes the bed AND produces the best coffee anywhere in the world bar none. I’m sure you can, however this is not what we offer here today.

We prefer technology that makes you think,” that is ridiculous, maybe I should get one”.

Leave the serious cookery magic to the experts, we are just here for the free cookies and milk.

Here are 5 bits of low and high tech for the kitchen that, up until now, you never knew you needed.

Our favourite potion controller is the I could eat a horse Spaghetti measuring tool. It comes in a number of ‘settings’, which are really just shapes cut into plastic. Available at very nice kitchenware shops, or online, this little gadget takes the guess work out of how much pasta to cook. Only puckish? Try the little person size at one end, hungry enough to eat a horse? There is a setting for that too.

The ‘I could eat a horse’ spaghetti measuring tool is made by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson from Iceland.

Number two on our list is this nifty little lemon squeezer that actually has a little pipe to help you collect the lemon juice. Made by the Spanish company lékué, this citrus squeezer looks weirdly old fashioned yet funky, plus it keeps your hands clean and your food and drink pip free. Nothing worse than a G&T with extra pip.

As an extra tip, did you know that if you microwave lemons for 15 seconds before squeezing them, you will get a LOT more juice? Just be careful when they are hot though!!!

Something truly technological is the new food 3D printer which takes in raw food (limited to ingredients for cookies and sweets for now) and prints it into customizable shapes.

This amazing bit of kitchen kit has a touchscreen that allows users to choose from different designs, and they can also upload their own designs via USB. The printer will be on the market before the end of this year, but there’s no set price yet.

Once you have printed your food, you may want to hold a party to celebrate. Will you be serving finger food? Better get some of these in. This handy dandy- if totally ridiculous gadget, saves you from having to decide how to juggle both a drink, and delicious savory snacks.

The box contains ten, so if you are having a load of people over, best order a few.

And finally, are your fingers totally raw to the bone because of all the strawberries you’ve had to hull during Wimbledon? Well, we have a solution. Not only that, this box also comes with a strawberry slicer that will satisfy even the most anal (sorry) of the OCD set. Nothing more embarrassing nor annoying that a slice of strawberry that doesn’t conform to standard.

Lord knows, the world is hard enough. Why struggle when you don’t need to. If you have a favourate kitchen gadget that has literally saved your life, let us know here at MGN.


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