Firstly I’d like to state that I’m very much basing this article around living in Hua Hin. I lived in Bangkok for 9 years and although I love the capital I don’t miss the pollution and the traffic. Hua Hin offers a far healthier, more relaxed lifestyle; it’s been a breath of fresh air to be honest. So here are some major health benefits of living in Thailand:

1. The year round warm climate allows plenty of outdoor time. I spend little to no time shut up indoors watching TV

2. Exercise is easy – with the average temperature here being 30 degrees it’s so much easier to get up and go. It’s never too cold to go swimming, play golf or go for a run.

3. Eating ‘al fresco’ – enjoying food outside makes dining so much more enjoyable, especially when you are eating like a
king for a fiver.
4. No air pollution – with the sea close by and surrounded by mountains there is plenty of breeze which means the air quality is very good.

5. Fresh food – Thailand (most notably places near the sea) offers an abundance of fresh fruit and seafood. Visit any market and be dazzled by the fare on offer. A visit to Hua Hin fish market in the morning is quite an experience.
6. A prolonged life – living in a tropical climate gives you more vitamin D resulting in stronger bones, higher energy levels, lowers the risk of cancer, lowers the risk of dying from pneumonia.
Can you think of any more?


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