Songs Turning 55 in 2021

When people talk about a ‘golden age of music’, what they are really talking about is the music they like. Believe it or not, one day Gen Z will consider 2021 the ‘golden age of music’.

I know. It’s crazy.

Having said that, if you were born in 1966, you are sharing your 55th birthday this year with some indisputably brilliant, absolute classics.

This is just a small fraction of the remarkable surge of genius song writing that came out of 1966. You can check out the full list at

If these aren’t on your playlist yet, it may be time to update.

Happy 55th to all these incredible songs.

I’m not your stepping stone- The Monkees

California Dreaming- Mama’s and the Papa’s

Cherry Cherry- Neil Diamond

Paint it Black- The Rolling Stones

Dedicated follower of fashion- The Kinks

These books were made for walking- Nancy Sinatra

Wild Thing- The Troggs

A hazy Shade of winter- Simon and Garfunkel

Ain’t too proud to beg- The Temptations

Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles

River Deep- Mountain High- Tina and Ike Turner

God only Knows- The Beach Boys

You don’t have to say you love me- Dusty Springfield

Green, green grass of home- Tom Jones

Just like a woman- Bob Dylan

Mellow Yellow- Donavan

Spicks and Specks- The Bee Gees

Substitute- The Who

No Milk Today- Herman’s Hermits


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