In spite of the recent terrorist activity, more people than ever before are happy to jump on a plane and whisk themselves away for an adventure. That is an extremely good thing. Happily, competition in the airline marketplace means that, if you know where to look, there are bargains to be had on international travel. This is also an extremely good thing.

So, you’ve found a great deal on a flight, now where will you stay when you get to where you are going?

Clever tourists know that accommodation can make or break a holiday. A hotel that claims to have ocean frontage and turns out to be a 30 minute walk from a beach that looks nothing like the pictures can break your heart. Trip advisor is a good place to start if you want a bit more info, but this is not fool proof. Luxury hotels attract guests who want a little more space and nicities and their price point will lead you to their amenities, but what if you are a budget traveler?

Can you stay in Japan, for example, for a reasonable amount of money? Are there places in New York that won’t melt your credit card and triple the cost of your holiday? If you are simply looking for a place to rest your head, the answers are yes, and yes.

Capsule hotels, tiny little rooms or simple bed spaces a great alternative for those who are NOT claustrophobic and are on a budget.

Tiny little hotel rooms first appeared in Osaka in Japan in 1979. The original Capsule Inn was a leader in the capsule hotel industry, and it is still open today offering the very basics at a reasonable price. After checking in you will receive a wristband key that gives you your locker number, and the number of your capsule. Being Japan, you will also receive a robe to change into. There are rooms for up to 3 people, and all guests can use the sauna and spa. Inside the capsules you will find a TV, electrical sockets, feather duvets and a sprinkler system and ventilation system for safety.

The Pod in Singapore is another great small hotel for those watching their pennies, or just keen to try something different. The Pod is right in the heart of the CBD, and uniquely offers ‘female only’ pod accommodation for those travellers not comfortable with sharing their tiny space with male strangers.

Your stay includes breakfast, water, a laundry service including dry cleaning, and wifi. The pods are secure and the whole hotel is stringently clean…..because….Singapore. www.thepod.sg

If you are popping to or through the UK and you need somewhere to stay, The yotel at London’s Heathrow airport is located in the public side of terminal 4. If you are on a long transit, you can even book this pod by the hour. Don’t imagine you can get up to much naughtiness in there though, the cabins are really rather tiny. Of course, some may see this as a challenge. If you are staying for a little while longer than a few hours, there is wifi, TV, free hot drinks and a nice warm shower available.

Birmingham also offers the budget traveler a place to stay at the nitenite hotel . There are no windows in your gaff at the nitenite, but the 42 inch plasma TV shows pictures of the city, so you won’t feel completely trapped.

In other parts of Europe you can check out the easyHotel group who operate 20 micro style capsule hotels throughout the UK ( 9 in London) , Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, UAE and Bulgaria.

In Vietnam, the Kaiteki Hotel in Ho Chi Min City offers its guests ear plugs to block outside noise, and your very own 27 square foot pod. It’s a super little, but a super cheap place to lay your head.

Finally, New York. Where oh where can you stay in this enormous metropolis without breaking the bank? Good news wise adventurer. The Pod Hotel group has two very central locations. Midtown ( Pod 39) and Midtown East ( Pod 51) which offers everything you need, including a tiny workstation, for a great deal less than the average 3 star hotel. Included in the ‘room’ is a TV, free wifi and an iPod dock, everything you need at the end of a day of exploring all that the Big Apple has to offer.

Tiny Hobit style holiday accommodation isn’t for everyone, but if you have relatively good physical mobility, no issue with small spaces, and a sense of fun, this is one way to make your holiday dollar stretch further than you ever thought was possible.



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